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As any handyman, carpenter, or mechanic will tell you, you need the right tools for the right job. When it comes to your oral health, the same rule applies. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, all of those things are tools for keeping your mouth healthy. But like buying any tool you want to make sure you have the right one.

When it comes to toothbrushes, you will want to but one with soft bristles that can reach all of the areas of your mouth and remove debris and plaque without damaging your enamel or gums. Children should use toothbrushes appropriate for their size, with soft nylon bristles. You should replace your toothbrush about every three months.

Choose a toothpaste that contains fluoride, unless your dentist recommends something else. Fluoride is key to keeping your teeth strong, and unless you are allergic to it, or have a medical condition that would make using it uwise, a fluoridated toothpaste is your best bet.

You should speak with your dentist before selecting a mouthwash. Antibacterial mouthwashes are good for fighting plaque, but a fluoride mouthwash will strengthen your teeth against decay and will freshen your breath. Keep in mind that many mouthwashes contain alcohol and should not be used by children under the age of 6.

Floss comes in waxed, unwaxed and flavored varieties, and as an alternative a water irrigation device might work better for children or people with braces.

There is no shortage of dental products out there, and choosing the right ones can be a big job. If you have questions about dental products or the care of your teeth, it’s time for a chat with Dr. Doris Madrigal at DM Family Dentistry in Round Lake Beach, Illinois. Call us today at 847-740-8827 to make an appointment