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Dental trauma can be painful and even result in tooth loss. Acting decisively to apply basic first aid will improve your treatment options at DM Family Dentistry.

The first thing to do is examine the area to assess the severity of the damage. If the oral trauma has left you with blood or debris in your mouth, you can gently rinse them away with a lukewarm saltwater rinse. This will give you a better look at the area. If the tooth has been damaged or if it causes heightened sensitivity or pain, you should not delay in seeking treatment at our clinic.

You can gently rub some topical oral analgesic on the surrounding gums to help manage the pain while you await treatment. It’s important to resist the temptation to clean the area as this could further traumatize damaged oral tissues.

If the pulp or root of the tooth have been damaged, Dr. Doris Madrigal might need to perform a root canal. This calls for removing any remaining tooth enamel and extracting any damaged structures.

Your endodontist will then rebuild the internal structure of the tooth with a special endodontic material known as gutta percha. We will then take an impression of the abutment and will send the impression to our dental lab where a dental crown will be made.

Once it has been cemented onto the abutment with a strong dental adhesive, the newly restored tooth will last you for many long years ahead.

If you live in the Round Lake Beach, Illinois, area and you’ve suffered a dental trauma, you should call 847-740-8827 to seek endodontic care at DM Family Dentistry.