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Would you be shocked if we told you that root canal treatment is not the stuff of horror like you have no doubt heard? In fact, many people report after receiving root canal therapy that the process was similar to having a cavity filled. Root canals are also much more common than you think, which is why we want to offer you the basics of root canals and root canal retreatment.

Dr. Doris Madrigal typically recommends root canal therapy if the inner portion of a tooth is decayed because the decay can affect both the roots and nerves of your teeth. In this situation, root canal therapy may be the only method to save the tooth, which is far preferable to your smile than replacing it.

If you are receiving root canal therapy, please know that you are not alone and close to 15 million patients receive root canals in America each year. Root canal therapy has a high success rate of more than 95%. There are at times that your tooth could become damaged as a result of dental trauma or a dental infection reaching the center of the tooth. Root canal treatment is performed to last a lifetime, but if a situation occurs, the dentist can simply retreat the tooth to prevent it from being lost.

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