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Spring is in the air, and it’s a time for rebirth after the long nights and short days of winter.  Many of us have the urge to rejuvenate with a good spring cleaning, and along with cleaning out the home, spring is a good time to refresh oral habits for a brighter smile! So what can you do to renew your smile?

Your Toothbrush

Spring is an excellent time to replace your old toothbrush. Did you know that electric toothbrushes generate more than 30,000 strokes a minute while cleaning your pearly whites? Your average manual toothbrush is capable of only 100 strokes a minute.  Electric toothbrushes also push fluid between the teeth and around the gum line, making your cleaning more effective at removing plaque than a manual one. But no matter what kind of toothbrush you use, your goal is to prevent gum inflammation, gingivitis and periodontal disease as well as tooth decay. You want to brush thoroughly but not too hard, to avoid damaging gums and wearing away tooth enamel.


The CDC reports that nearly 65 million Americans have gum disease. Protecting your gums means flossing at least once a day to prevent plaque and tartar buildup–a hard mineral deposit that can cause gums to become swollen and inflamed, leading to gingivitis, the earliest stage of gum disease. Flossing daily will keep plaque and tartar away. If you floss at night, you are removing harmful bacteria that can damage your teeth and gums while you sleep. Your mouth produces less saliva during sleep, which normally naturally cleans teeth and gums. This is why you wake up with morning breath.

Dental Checkup

Spring is a good time to get your teeth and gums professionally cleaned, to remove plaque and tartar by scaling and polishing. This procedure should be done every six months, because removing hardened plaque is nearly impossible with regular brushing or flossing alone, and requires special dental tools to remove. Dental checkups also check for cavities, gum disease, oral cancer, and any other dental health issues which benefit with early treatment. Our dental team will thoroughly clean your teeth of unwanted dental junk, just like you do when you are spring cleaning.

If it is time for your spring cleaning, give our DM Family Dentistry team in Round Lake Beach, Illinois a call at 847-740-8827 and let us help you brighten your smile again!