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Untreated tooth decay will eventually become severe and spread over a tooth to the point that there is not enough healthy tooth to support a dental filling. If your tooth decay is too severe for a dental filling, our dentist may recommend a dental crown instead to keep your smile in good shape.

Our first step is to thoroughly examine the tooth and taking some dental X-rays in case the inner tooth is not healthy enough for a dental crown. Decayed or infected tooth pulp can mean the tooth needs a root canal before we can place a dental crown.

If the inner tooth is healthy, Dr. Doris Madrigal will remove the tooth enamel and form the remaining tooth structure into an abutment that will anchor the new crown. An impression is made of the treated area and sent to a dental lab to be used as a guide for the permanent dental crown. During this time, your abutment will be protected with a temporary crown.

Following the creation of the permanent crown, you will return to DM Family Dentistry for a short second appointment to have the temporary crown removed and your final crown cemented in place.

We encourage you to DM Family Dentistry as soon as possible if you have noticed signs of tooth decay and may need a dental filling in Round Lake Beach, Illinois. You can contact our office at 847-740-8827 to schedule an appointment.