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If you would like to improve your oral health care and are need of a repair or restoration, visit your dentist for a comprehensive examination and the necessary procedures to restore your smile to its peak condition. However, a common condition is known as dental anxiety often makes individuals too afraid to visit their dentist for a plethora of reasons. Treatments are as follows:

– Calming and relaxing music has been shown to be extremely effective for the treatment of dental anxiety.

– If you are afraid of any pain that you may feel during an office visit or if you are scheduled for a complex oral procedure, sedation dentistry can be used to help ensure the procedure can successfully be given.

– Visualize yourself in a happy place whether it be a beach or garden, or anywhere else that brings you true joy.

– Stress relieving toys such as fidget spinners or squeeze balls have been shown to be effective for eliminating fears and concerns associated with dental anxiety.

– Before visiting the dentist office, try using meditative therapies including yoga to help calm and relax your mind.

– Always speak with your dentist about any issues you may have with your oral health, including if you are suffering from dental anxiety.

– Work on your breathing to help control dental anxiety. This includes breathing deeply and slowly and counting your breath.

If you are ready to see what dental anxiety treatments can do to enhance your oral health, please come visit DM Family Dentistry at our dentist office in Round Lake Beach, Illinois. Dr. Madrigal and Dr. Jahedi can be reached at 847-740-8827.