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When distressed by something like an emerging or compromised tooth, periodontal tissues can respond in various ways. This can sometimes cause a trapped pocket of fluid to build up in the nearby gum tissues.

More commonly known as a dental cyst, it can cause swelling at the gumline, irritation near a tooth or a noticeable area of discoloration in the affected gum tissues. Most patients with a dental cyst don’t experience a bacterial infection in the area. However, the discomfort can sometimes be significant.

In a case like this a dentist like Dr. Doris Madrigal will need to assess the nature and severity of the issue with the periodontal tissues. The treatment plan she present to you will be based on the dental cyst’s location, size and the possibility of infection.

Sometimes boosting your immune system can help reduce the dental cyst without need for invasive treatment measures. This treatment plan might call for her to prescribe a course of antibiotics.

If the fluid within the dental cyst is indeed infectied she might recommend draining it or excising a small amount of periodontal tissue. Once this is done she might provide you with a prescription for antibiotic or pain medication. They will need to be taken as directed to help prevent infection and maintain your comfort while your gums heal.

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