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You could have a constant bacterial presence affecting your oral health if you have developed a cavity that has not been treated. This may lead to tooth abscess that causes symptoms such as deep gum pressure and a severe toothache. If an abscessed tooth is affecting your smile and needs to be removed, we can cover the tooth gap with a custom dental bridge.

Dr. Doris Madrigal and our team are pleased to offer restorative treatment to help you address dental problems that could otherwise allow bacteria to enter your bloodstream. In the case of large cavities or severe tooth abscess, we may need to extract the tooth and its infected materials so that it can’t weaken your smile.

To fill in the tooth gap left by the missing tooth, we can place a quick and effective dental restoration called a dental bridge. To keep the bridge secure in your mouth, we can transform the neighboring teeth into abutments by removing the tooth enamel to create pillars of dentin. Then, we can send an impression of your smile and its tooth gap to a dental lab so that the dental bridge can be custom crafted.

When the bridge is ready, we can arrange a follow-up dental appointment to place the dental bridge in your smile and cement it with a dental adhesive. We invite you to contact DM Family Dentistry at 847-740-8827 today if you need to see our dentist to discuss whether you should receive a dental bridge in Round Lake Beach, Illinois.